After completing his studies in naval architecture, Hugo Vold launched his own brand of boats in 1966, which he named “Windy” in homage to his father’s fishing boats, the “Vindy”, which, despite the extremely perilous sailing conditions in the Skagerrak Strait, returned safely to port every time.

The first production unit was built in Skarpnes on the Norwegian coast. Windy quickly became a reference in the world of yachting. The legend was born.

55 years later, the brand has retained its original values while integrating new technologies. It calls on the best experts at all levels of production – architects, engineers, designers, technicians, craftsmen – to produce boats with unparalleled design and marine performance.

Windy currently employs 170 professionals in Sweden and Poland. Together, they strive to continue Hugo Vold’s legacy with excellence, passion and respect.



True to Hugo Vold’s philosophy, Windy has always called on designers who excel in their field – Ed Dubois, Hans J. Johnsen, Malcolm McKeon, Espen Oino and Guillaume Rolland to name but a few. Each in their own field selects the finest materials for Windy, which, combined with their creative talent, give the brand its strong personality and unique style.

In addition to their remarkable design, Windy boats are characterised by their long-lasting reliability and performance. 70% of the Windy boats built since the brand was founded are still sailing the world’s seas. This figure undoubtedly demonstrates the historical robustness of each of its boats. While the brand is committed to preserving its manufacturing secrets, it is proud of its expertise in the design and manufacture of deep-V hulls, moulded by resin transfer, and in the use of components at the cutting edge of innovation, guaranteeing exemplary performance and seakeeping.


When Eyvin Aalrud founded Marex in 1973 in Grimstad in southern Norway, he was fulfilling a long-held dream: to become a boat builder.

In just a few years, thanks to his visionary temperament and determination, Eyvin enabled Marex – a contraction of the Latin “mare” meaning sea and “rex” meaning “king” – to establish itself as an example in the nautical industry, offering boats of remarkable quality, robust and innovative, much appreciated by families.

Eyvin’s two sons, Espen and Thomas, have been immersed in the world of the sea and sailing since they were very young, and took over the running of Marex in 1989, carrying on their father’s legacy with dedication and passion.
Marex, ‘The King of the Sea’, now has two factories, in Arendal, Norway and Kaunas, Lithuania, and employs 400 dedicated and highly skilled professionals.


If families love Marex boats and remain loyal to the brand, it’s undoubtedly because of their ingenuity, maximum comfort and very high level of quality.
In fact, each model undergoes a drastic inspection before being delivered to its owner.

After being tested on the water, the boat spends a full day in a test centre, where all the on-board components are checked: engine, electronics, heating, lighting, etc. In all, almost 100 points are checked.

This demand for quality, which is at the heart of Marex’s DNA, combined with innovative equipment and exceptional seaworthiness, means that every year the brand wins some very fine awards. The latest awards include the “European Power Boat of the Year 2024” and a “Motor Boat Awards 2024” for the brand’s new flagship, the Marex 440 Gourmet Cruiser.

These are just some of the advantages that make Marex models fantastic boats to live aboard, whether for a day or a long cruise, even when the sea and the weather are rough.


With the creation of Merveille Nautic, Nicolas Cantenot has brought together two worlds that are particularly close to his heart: on the one hand, his longstanding passion for boats and travel – he was Chef de Quart in the French Navy and has been sailing the world’s seas since 40 – and, on the other, the world of fine craftsmanship and luxury goods, where he has spent his entire professional career.

After studying business at the prestigious EM Lyon and INSEAD business schools, Nicolas went on to work for Dior, Guerlain and then Hermès, working with some of the world’s greatest craftsmen. When he’s not criss-crossing the globe for his job, Nicolas sails whenever he can, on both sailing boats (he once owned Margilic, a sublime 1948 classic) and motorboats (including the Windy, which he shared with his father for many years).

Performance, excellence, passion – these are the values he shares with Windy and Marex.